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Anyone tried out a min-width and max-width ocPortal layouts?

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Anyone tried out a min-width and max-width ocPortal layouts?

Have any of you had any experience using a min-width and max-width in the layout of content in ocPortal?

I have been mulling over whether to use the fixed width site option or leave it fully fluid. The fluid layout has some benefits but also as some drawbacks - You might remember the How to create a fixed-width layout Tutorial, by Chris Graham, where the issues of these two types of layouts are outlined.

So for me, because of the gallery rich content I have in my website, up until now I have been favoring the fixed width Layout - but as of late I have been reading about semi-fluid layouts and this layout type is sounding like something I might want to consider.

So, again, has anyone tried out the min-width and max-width semi-fluid ocPortal layouts? …or have some insight on the good and/or bad of the semi-fluid dynamic?

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I think it depends on the type of content the website has (a gaming or photography website would benefit from the widest/fluid design, for example), and whether the theme you have in mind would benefit technically from being either fixed or fluid.

I have a 24" monitor, so often a fixed-width website will just bunch up in the centre of my screen, leaving lots of wasted space either side. Of course, you can't cater for all screen resolutions. ;)

But fixed-width designs are probably easier to design.

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