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Another Question about eCommerce

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#58837 (In Topic #12830)

Community saint

Just ran into another issue/problem. Lets say I have a product that has different colors and sizes. I could add a field for colors and give it the values red, green and blue, then add a field for size and gave it the values 10, 11, 12. That works great for that item, the problem is that now I have those slelections for all of my products. And if I had a product that had color options of yellow, black, and purple and sizes of 5, 6 and 7 I am out of luck.

Am I doing something wrong, is there a way to add these fields and values on a per item basis? Thanks for any help…

Rick Henson

OCP 4.3.2 & 5.0.1
PHP 5.2.5
MySQL 5.0.51a
FireFox 3.6.8
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I don't think that's currently a feature ocPortal has. Quite a few eCommerce products have it, but I think in ocPortal you need to add separate products for each different configuration.
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