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Admin created Member blog categories not showing up after theme change----RESOLVED BY POSTER

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#36094 (In Topic #8119)

Community saint

Disregard - Fixed it. I'm leaving the post in case someone else has the same issue. It WAS  a matter of permissions. The Global Specific permissions "Submission Category" was a little tricky. Maybe there's somewhere in the documentation which indicates which global permissions must be set for different functions. I didn't see it. I tried by trial and error and found I needed to have "Submit Low/Med/and High visibility content turned on for all groups allowed to blog/news.


I hope someone can help me with this. I had everything working well. Member blogs were working. We made a change in the theme of the site and applied the same theme to all zones. I tested everything after and the only issue is member blogs. The category I created Personal Blogs shows in the admin section but not when the members go to post a new blog. If I attempt to post as a member, I get an error that the category was missing. So, I added another category for members and this doesn't show up either. I haven't had much luck uploading images to this forum, but I will try to upload an example of what the page looks like.


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