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A few Queries regarding OCPortal and options

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Fan in action

Hey Guys,
Sorry about the noob questions but I thought I may as well ask these to clear them up as I am really liking OCPortal but am not sure about a few things
----Shipping management/Intergration and finer webstore/shipping management? If not? shipping calculator integration possible? Is 16 options in config the only webstore settings?
----Can i force a certain priveledged forum to be populated with my blog or news posts so they can be displayed and synchronised in both OCF and the news/blog modules? (for users with varying site style preferences) i could only see the option for one or the other.
----How does the public CMS work? Does this enable users to upload their own content automatically? Can i limit normal users to only forum based submissions and ratings/comments and promote useful members to adding site content as seen fit later?
----HTACCESS + Modrewrite - My isp says mod rewrite is installed and ready to use yet I get 404 upon enabling shortened urls. They say this is because my htaccess is wrong but they cant help or advise me on configuring it. Is this a simple fix and what may I need to change?
----Just to clarify, I must use Openssl not gpg for user data encryption? (this is ok I have openssl too just wanted to clarify)

---what is the benefit of http auth

---Can a script be set and a database made to store data like video game keys and auto insert them into email templates when a product is sold? ie instant unique virtual physical product purchases 
Sorry again for all the questions and I look forward to a response. Any responses will be greatly appreciated even if they only cover one query.
Yours Sincerely,

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