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3 very stupid questions! Side menu, top menu and news block.

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Fan in training


3 probably very stupid questions that will no doubt have your eyes rolling but my brain is aching trying to work it out ;)


The top menu - Where it says site, zones etc - how can I remove this completely?

The side menu - Can I completely change this menu or add a new one? I don't want it in sections nor do I want the catalogues etc listed in that way, I would like every page to have its own link directly on the menu. How do I do this?

News block - on the my site page I have a news block with Chris's ocPortal news fed into it, how do I remove this feed? Had a look through all the news sections but just couldn't see it.

I know these are probably really simple things but it's getting late LOL Any help most gratefully received before I go completely bonkers! :$

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Community saint

There is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to ocPortal.

1.) I don't know the line to delete in the header to rid you of that menu, but this is an alternate option until someone else comes forward:

Admin Zone > Setup > Configuration > Theme options

Tick the box that says "Replace the zone menu". When you save, you'll see an icon next to your top menu. Click that and then you can just go ahead and delete all those links.

2.) Play with the Zones option. I think what you want to achieve will work if you create a separate zone for each section you want.

3.) At the bottom (above the footer) you will see "Control Functions". Click 'Edit this page' and this will allow you to easily remove the news feed block.

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Have you watched our Brand New Themes tutorial? It touches on this and you might benefit a lot from it.

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