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[SOLVED] News Summary Tags

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#84405 (In Topic #17442)

Honoured member

I bet you're all getting sick of my questions :p

I am trying to slightly change the layout of the BLOCK_MAIN_NEWS. In particular i want to swap the "Read More" link with the "Tags". Essentially i want users to see "Read More" before they see the tags.

Using the Template Edit Links feature i have attempted to identify which template needs editing. I have settled on NEWS_PIECE_SUMMARY.tpl as being the template that i need to edit, but i cant work out which piece of code relates to it. I have searched through all the other templates that have an effect on that block and haven't found any clues. I've looked at the following templates;
  • STANDARDBOX_classic.tpl
  • TAGS.tpl
  • STANDARDBOX_light.tpl
I would also like to change the font and size of "Read More".

I've hit a bit of a dead end so any help would be great, thanks again.


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Community saint


Sorry, I can't help you with your issue but don't be concerned about asking questions here. You might just be the first person to address this, but getting it documented here in the forums means that a potential solution might exist for others down the road.

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Honoured member

Thanks bob, you're very patient with me :)

btw, i managed to solve this by disabling tags all together…i didnt really need them. It looks much tidier now!
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