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[RESOLVED] Unable to login to cloned ocPortal

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#91261 (In Topic #18375)

Fan in action

Cloned ocPortal issues

Hello forum,

I am currently trying to clone my production ocPortal so I can test upgrading from 7.1.6 to 9.x

I have followed the instructions on cloning ocPortal here.

I'm 99% sure I've followed all the steps correctly however, when I access the cloned ocPortal I cannot log in because the login box displays the following error

Sorry, Guest does not have access to use the 'block' Comcode tag (usage blocked).

You can see how messed up everything is here.
The website name doesn't seem to be getting parsed from the DB either.

I have no idea where to start from to troubleshoot this issue. 
I've checked that Guest does exist in the cloned DB but I don't know where to look as far as comcode permissions.

I need to set up this test environment so I can familiarize myself with the upgrade process and address any issues that may arise from upgrading my production environment which is still on 7.1.6. :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You can try emptying your comcode_pages table and cached_comcode_pages table. It will erase any Comcode page meta-data you have set up, like parent pages -- but few people use this.

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Community saint

As Chris says, it looks like a cache problem.

You may have missed step 2, or run it on your cloned site instead of your master site.

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Fan in action

No way! It worked! :D

I went into the upgrader tool and flushed the caches and all is working fine.

Thank you very much guys!
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