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[RESOLVED] Login issue caused by deprecated functions in global2.php

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#111994 (In Topic #22535)



As of two days ago, users (including admins) have been experiencing a confound logging in to my v.9.0.9 website []. Submitting of login details now directs to a normally skipped page (.../start/login/login) shown here: 
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Clicking the "here" button returns to the "welcome" page, from where (the now logged-in) user can access the "Site", "Forums" and "Collaboration" Zones - though faults are occurring with certain types of pages within these zones.

I'll list the further issues I've encountered so far:

1. All viewable pages site-wide display the following error message:

Deprecated: iconv_set_encoding() [ref.iconv.php]: Use of iconv.output_encoding is deprecated in /home/under283/public_html/ocportal/sources/global2.php on line 2122

Deprecated: iconv_set_encoding() [ref.iconv.php]: Use of iconv.internal_encoding is deprecated in /home/under283/public_html/ocportal/sources/global2.php on line 2123

2. Users are logged out (and returned to the login screen) when they try to access pages via "splurgh" trees  (Downloads, Wiki+)

3. Attempting to access the CMS and Admin zones triggers a fatal error - the stack trace (in the case of CMS) is as follows:

Expand: Stack trace Stack trace

With regard to the global2.php referenced error, two points may be worth mentioning:
1. It doesn't occur in the context of my v.9.0.16 site - for which the global2.php code has been substantially re-written with respect to character-encoding conversion around lines 2122, while  @ini_set has been replaced with safe_ini_set throughout - consequently, the v.9.0.16 version of global2.php isn't backwardly compatible with v.9.0.9 (I tried applying it).

2. In the Bugs Tracker, under v.9.0.9, there's a hotfix (#1417) relating to character-encoding conversion - this included a revised version of files2.php, but not of global2.php; hotfixes for later versions up to 9.0.16 don't include any that explicitly refer to character-encoding conversion (so far as I can see), so unfortunately I can't indicate which version the changed global2.php became effective.

Quite why the problem suddenly appeared overnight, out of nowhere, I've no idea. Rectifying it, at a guess, might prove none too simple. Please can anybody help me here?

Many thanks for reading,

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I would guess your server has been upgraded to PHP7. Can you upgrade to the latest ocPortal v9? We had some bugs in the earlier releases, there may be other ones.

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Hi Chris,

Many thanks indeed for your reply. As you advised, I upgraded (to 9.0.37) - and bingo! So far as I can tell, all's working perfectly again. I should have guessed as to the server's upgrade. Wonderful, a huge relief; deeply grateful to you, as always.

My warm regards and good wishes,

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