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[CLOSED] Comcode block printing issue

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#103411 (In Topic #20244)

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Question here for the experts!!

I have a regular old Comcode page that has a user-fillable form on it.

Recently, the request came in that the people who are using the form, would also like to be able to print a copy of it (with their information they entered into the form included on the printout).

I inserted the "side_printer_friendly block" on the bottom of the page that has a catalog based form on it, thinking this would be a simple, quick solution

However...  When I test the solution out and fill out the form with test data and click the "Print This Page" link, it opens a new window, but all the fields that I just filled in are missing the data???  

I don't know if I missed a configuration somewhere, but what I'd like to know is if there is a way for the block to print the page, including the information that has been entered into the form fields?

Thanks very much :)


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I took a look at the docs for this block and it's not clear, so I am re-wording:

Get a printer-friendly version of the current page. This is used for loading a version of the current page with a signal that it will be printed. This allows the software or theme to perform various customisations beyond the CSS print stylesheet capability, as well as automatically open up a print dialog. Note that any form contents are lost.

If you just want a print button, use some HTML (OTTOMH):


<button onclick="window.print(); return false;">Print</button>

It won't do everything the print block does, as ocPortal won't have loaded in print mode – however the CSS print media stuff handles tidying up output for printing quite well on its own.

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Thanks Chris.  I seem to have a knack for finding these types of requests that are "jusssst" outside the standard functionality :lol:
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