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[REQUEST] Novaboard Driver

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This up and coming new board has caught my eye


I am not sure where to post something like this, but this seems as good of a place as any. After all, it is a request.

There is a new forum out there called NovaBoard. It can be found at It is listed in opensourceCMS and forum matrix, and discussed in many admin support forum sites. My request is that there be made a driver for NovaBoard integration with ocPortal.

Now OCF is a fine forum solution, but arguably it isn't for everyone. Just like SMF, AEF, and the likes aren't for everyone. As it stands, ocPortal offers the most other forum support over the other portal/cms'es out there. I am not sure how many people here use boards like wow or burning board, and I have to wonder if anyone using ocPortal is still using AEF. However, NovaBoard is showing many good strengths and qualities and I can see it becoming a popular board like SMF, IPB, vB, and phpBB. It has a very refresingly simple interface, clear cut admin tools, css themes, plug in installation through it's acp, and has good speed to it. It is also highly compatible with other browsers, such as Konqueror (KHTML), Safari (WEBKIT), FireFox(Gecko), and IE(Trident).

I myself probably wouldn't switch over the forums I have built right now from OCF to NovaBoard as I have put in a lot of work customizing OCF. However I'd love to take it for a spin for perhaps a future project. Plus there is what appears to be a good base set of users, and many more who love the forum, but are looking for website integration, which currently NovaBoard doesn't have. So this looks like to me a great opportunity. Not only would more people give NovaBoard a try because of ocPortal integration, but more people would give ocPortal a try seeing that forum has ocPortal integration. More and more people would be drawn to both projects, which I feel is a win-win.

Yes, NovaBoard is new, just in it's 1.04 version, with 1 being it's first public release. But already it shows more stability and better usability than AEF, for example, which I had migrated from. Therefore it might not have yet as large of a userbase than some of the others, however I have been watching it with intrest and have seen it's userbase grow a a pretty rapid clip. I say making a driver for it now would bring in those early adopters and future users while waiting may not be as useful. If we wait, other cms'es will have bridges made, and there'd be a lot less of a reason for novaboard users to give ocPortal a fair shake if they already were able to integrate and make their site with another cms.

Anyways it is just a thought, and my humble request. Either way, I love ocPortal, and I think ocPortal would benifit from having a driver for such a well built forum software. If one is made, I'd be more than happy to test it and provide the needed reports to make a good driver. However I am no programmer so I couldn't make such a driver myself.

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