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Random Quote Modification

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#14146 (In Topic #3575)

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Grabbing a quote randomly over multiple text files

ocPortal 2.5 Final is required for using this modification, I have not tested it on older versions.

This modification will randomly pick a quote from a multiple number of (user-created) files, which is useful for websites that have multiple topics and webmasters have a large number of quotes for each of those topics. All this is done using a single comcode block line (i.e <block>someblock</block>).

You can also override the script's filename choice by providing the filename in the block's parameter (<block="somefile">someblock</block>) which would be useful if you also want to use only X quotes in a section specifically related to X topic. (like using a Star Wars quote file so that all the quotes that are displayed in the Star Wars section are related to the star wars universe)

Code (php)

function run($map)

      $quote_rand = mt_rand(1,3);
       if ($quote_rand == 1) { $file=array_key_exists('param',$map)?$map['param']:'quotes'; }
       if ($quote_rand == 2) { $file=array_key_exists('param',$map)?$map['param']:'filename1'; }
       if ($quote_rand == 3) { $file=array_key_exists('param',$map)?$map['param']:'filename2'; }
      if (file_exists(get_file_base().'/'.$a)) $place=$a; elseif (file_exists(get_file_base().'/'.$b)) $place=$b; else $place=$c;
      return do_template('BLOCK_MAIN_QUOTES',array('CONTENT'=>smile(get_random_line($place))));

As shown on this example/source, the script will choose 1 of 3 files at random and will then display a quote from that file. If the random number is 2, for example, then the script will grab a quote (line) from 'filename1.txt' (specifically => [website]/text/en/filename1.txt) You can increase the number of files by changing the '3' in mt_rand to a higher number, and adding a "if equal" line for the new files, but make sure that each new line uses its own number.

You can also specify a parameter which overrides the randomly selected file. Examples:

This will make the script choose a file at random:



And this will make the script use a specific text file:



Download here
» Download: (DefMod) (1.19 Kb, 14 downloads so far)

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