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#53737 (In Topic #11686)

If you would like someone to implement some new functionality for you that you don't think belongs in themain ocPortal, please post in the addon suggestions forum. Also, you can discuss other people's suggestions and try and improve upon them.

ocProducts really encourage this. But…

No guarantee, lead by example. There is no guarantee that someone will do this stuff. Even though ocProducts have thoroughly subsidised a big portion of everybody's cost, Open Source is still not a free lunch, and addon makers only tend to implement things that are useful to themselves or fun to do. The ocPortal developers thoroughly encourage people to make and release addons, and provide a lot of resources to this end – but that doesn't mean there's any guarantee. Why not try and set an example and release something yourself (addons, themes, translations, etc) – remember that if you don't release anything, you forfeit a right to complain that others aren't doing the same too.

You get what you pay for, or what you put in yourself. If you can pay it's best to give an incentive or head straight to the source. Remember, the best web developers are highly skilled and experienced professionals, like solicitors or doctors, so quality custom work does cost along those lines. There's a lot of expertise in a lot of disciplines that is required to be a good web developer. If you want to save some money you can try offshoring/outsourcing but generally you get what you pay for – there's a big difference in performance, ability, and quality, between someone who knows a bit of PHP, and someone with a software engineering degree and good communication skills. Of course, not everyone (in fact, probably most users) are in a position to pay anything, which is why we have this forum; of course a lot of us have to make-do with what is available to us (respectfully though).

Don't create a dependency on ocProducts doing something for free. Please don't post expecting ocProducts to implement your feature in new ocPortal versions. Again, Open Source is not a free lunch – if you really need someone to do something new for you with any reliability, there are usually no really good alternatives to paying for it, or learning to do it yourself. Also ocProducts do not as a policy comment whether things are planned or not; if you ask you'll probably at most get a stock response saying that we can't comment (we feel no promises are better than broken promises – we would feel awful releasing plans that we don't stick to, and often can't due to the constant evolution the web is going under). Also, some things are never likely to be included in ocPortal, if we consider them unsuited or bloated.

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