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Loyalty program [e-commerce][beta]

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Fan in training

Why loyalty programs fail and why we think we can make it right.

Hi Guys,
We have recently written an article which explains the vision of what we want to do.
Why loyalty programs fail and why we think we can make it right.
Actually the solution is based on a powerful API with SDK in PHP and we want to make the integration as simple as possible so we are very interested by your feedbacks and would greatly appreciate if you want to be part of the beta. Of course it is free, but places are limited.
Here are some of the features we have integrated:
For users:
-              Subscribe to the loyalty program within a click
-              Check the points’ balance
-              Check the list of rewards
For admin:
-              Create, modify or delete a reward easily
-              Analytics with rewards performance analysis
-              Set up the rules for points
For developers:
-              Integration within minutes
-              Flexibility
-              Customization made simple
The description of features is available here.
And here is the link to Github.

Beans Team

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Fan in training

I have just updated with the direct link to github.
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