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Request-A video on how to make the gallery.

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#105371 (In Topic #20551)

Fan in training

I would love to see a video on how to install the gallery and have a random image block on the main page for my members photos. I am new to ocportal. I absolutely love the design. The forum is wonderful and is easy to use. The gallery is hard to figure out. I am not sure if members get their own gallery or do I assign one...I put up a couple of images of mine but I don't see a place for the members to post theirs. I did not understand the written out tutorial. I have only been using this for a couple of days. I have close to a thousand members on facebook that I will invite. I am not going to until I can get a clue to the gallery. It's a quilt site.I did want to ask how to put a different background up. I have one that would tile. I know the css code somewhat but I do not know where to make the changes and I am afraid to make changes. Little by little I am learning. I just figured out how to add categories to the menu. I hunted for a video tutorial till I got fed up and finally I stumbled on it. I like the videos you have made and hope you will make more of them. People are visual. I hate to read. Your videos are easy to follow.
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Community saint

You can either use the Setup Wizard in Admin Zone, or browse to Structure > Addons and install the galleries addon from there. If you click to edit the page where you want the images displayed and then click on Add Block, you will find a number of Gallery blocks to experiment with (but it sounds like you would want the Image Fader block).

As you already know, there a written tutorial on how to set up Member Galleries. Which part of it do you not understand? I will let someone else answer the question about the background image as it is something I haven't attempted to do so I'm not entirely sure. Actually, this post may help you with changing the background image.

If you make your changes using the code and theme editors in the Admin Zone, revisions will be stored so you can easily undo the changes.

I also found the videos to be insightful, but they are not really up-to-date anymore and I think I would prefer to see v10 of ocPortal make it out the door first :)
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