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#102785 (In Topic #20136)

Fan in training

Create a client library for making external apps that connect with ocPortal.

I'm not sure if I missed this one somewhere. I did notice something on oembed, but I was thinking of something more like Facebook apps. There is this other open source CMS that a developer has created something similar for it to allow client apps to be created. On one hand ocPortal seems quite capable of handling it, and it's probably just a matter of taking the time to flesh it out?
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Community saint

I recall using some open source social network script which had an Apps API, though the apps that were available were pretty basic. It was a while ago, so can't remember what it was called. Sounds like a good idea to me, but not sure how useful it would be to the average site. I would think something like their Pages system would be more useful overall.
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