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Fan in action

Its actually a Big Blue Button

First and foremost I would like to introduce myself to everyone! im new and this is my first post!i have tried many of the different cms and found that this is the most complete but im having personal problems with making things work as im not a programmer and im finding out that this is truly code based.
please don't get me wrong im not a simple guy so the simple point and click is not what im looking for but this to start with is slightly different from anything else I have encountered and im also new to the most of everything anyhow!
ok now the reason for my post...........
by profession I am an Electroplating Expert and I have actually been all over the world performing my Art.
"my next venture- to China-, will be leaving in about 2 weeks asked where I have been in the last 12 months and my answer is   England several times Italy,Uae,Qatar,Oman and very soon Hong kong,Macau, China..... anyhowz..... I have a suggestion for implementation of the project of the " Big Blue Button"
please reference=
it is truly a fantastic chat system and has implementation in most of the other cms and would be a AWSOME learning tool for everyone!
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Fan in action

One thing members should know about the BigBlueButton is it is great for website interaction but many hosting services do not give access to the files needed to install because it takes a lot of resources! I looked in to this myself and found you basically need your own server.

Obviously, you use the do you run your website on your own server? I would be interested in knowing more.
Thanks, Sheryl

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