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Addon copyright and licenses

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#53735 (In Topic #11685)

Posted addons are automatically copyright to the creator, by whatever license the creator wishes to use. They can be free, or commercial, for example.

If you are releasing an addon and would like ocProducts to consider incorporating it officially into future versions of ocPortal, you can choose to assign dual copyright to yourself and to ocProducts. This would give us the ability to include your work (should we decide to), without the possibility of any future legal problems for us – allowing you to contribute to the future of the software. It also would give us the right to do whatever we like, including selling the work ourselves under our own name – because we need to make sure that if we take in contributions to our code base, we aren't restricting our future activities as a result (potentially contributions could become critical to the software, and it'd be impractical to negotiate/remove each case of contributed code, for each case where we find we need to release ocPortal in a new way).

For the above reasons we are not encouraging or discouraging dual copyright assignment, it's everybody's own decision how they want their work to be used; this topic exists to allow people to make an informed decision and explain the process.

If you would like us to consider including your code, mention when you post your work that you're "assigning dual copyright with ocProducts Ltd" and be clear about what code it is that it applies to. Also, if you make a future version and do not want a past copyright assignment to carry forward, you should clearly state this on the forum too. If you want credit, please make sure your code includes clear credit written into it, and we would try (but not guarantee) to maintain it in the final ocPortal code. Be aware that assigning copyright is not something revocable, and it is not the same as just assigning us a license, so please think carefully about what you want to do.

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