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Integrate with Volusion

I'm not too familiar with the e-commerce/shopping cart side of ocPortal, and have a client with a Volusion e-commerce account. Want to know what direction to take…

1) I don't believe the ocPortal is quite as entensive as Volusion. If it does, in fact, compare favorably - can the product database be uploaded into ocPortal?

2) If ocP does not match functionality, can these two programs (ocPortal/Volusion) run side-by-side without conflict?

Thanks in advance, the more I get into the program the better it gets.

In friendship & success,
Erich (WebBasser) 

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Dude, it's a no brainer in my book.

Keep Volusion.

OCP is awesome - but the service provided by Volusion takes a lot of headaches out of the equation.
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