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4.1.10 released (#news_160) - Comments

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4.1.10 released

Posted 30 May 2009, 9:35 AM

4.1.10 released. Read the full article for a list of changes, and upgrade information.

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Yay awesome you have an auto proceed.  :thumbs:


I still have to upgrade!

Really great job, men!



I get a Critical error after the upgrade, but it doesnt always happen.

PHP ERROR [1] Call to undefined function is_page_https() (version: 4.1.10, PHP version: 5.2.9, URL: /pg/start)

I suspect the error your seeing is a problem during startup. Attached is a file will get rid of this error…
» Download: global2.php (84 Kb, 803 downloads so far)

but I think it'll replace it with another (hopefully one that identifies the real problem).

RE: Error

The error went away after some time. Could of been a cached page?

I will install the file and see if I get any issues later on.

Thank you for the time to figure out how to fix :)

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