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ocPortal Tutorial: Authors

Written by Chris Graham, ocProducts
Authors are entities that literally are recorded as having authored some entry on your website. Authors are distinct from normal member profiles- in fact, there is nothing to say an author of an entry is even present on your website (it may have been submitted by a member, but authored by a company, for example). i.e. There is no guarantee that an author of an entry is going to have a member account on the system.

The following types of content support the author system:
  • news
  • downloads
Association between authors and members is supported, either automatically by sharing a common name (author = username) or by manual configuration. If OCF (the inbuilt forum and member system) is used then this binding is strongest as a link to a members associated author profile (if it exists) is presented on said member's profile screen.

Defining an Author

Thumbnail: Defining an (my) author profile

Defining an (my) author profile

There is a permission to allow members to define author profiles that bind to their own member profile. If the 'define an author' page was not entered from a link to define/edit a referenced author, it will default to defining/editing the author of the username of the current user: it is through this that a member defines their own author profile.

To define a profile for another author, it is first necessary to add some author supporting content, and then to choose to define the author from the Admin Zone author management page.

View a Author

Thumbnail: Viewing an author profile

Viewing an author profile

Links are placed on author-supporting content view pages to view details of the content author, as well as in the OCF member profile of a member with a bound author profile.

The 'view an author' screen will display the author profile, as well as downloads that they have been recorded as having authored.

Merging authors

Thumbnail: Managing/Merging authors

Managing/Merging authors

The Admin Zone provides an interface for merging authors. This feature is provided as it is likely that different users will refer to authors with slightly different names at the point of submission.


Someone who specifically authors content, as opposed to someone who may merely have submitted it

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