ocPortal API documentation


Welcome to the ocPortal API documentation.

For other documentation (including our developers guide, the Code Book), see the documentation section of our website.

The packages in this documentation (shown above) correspond to the addons that ocPortal is split up into. All packages beginning 'core_' can be assumed to be installed on any ocPortal version.

Be aware that you still often need to use the 'require_code' command to gain access to source code files (e.g. access sources/files.php using

Some source files are always loaded up, see the 'init' function of sources/global2.php to discover which.

Hooks are called up by whatever code using the hooks.

Modules are called up on-demand by users as pages (but aren't included in this API documentation).

Blocks are called up by placement on pages using Comcode, or in templates using Tempcode.

To find the forum driver API you can look at core_forum_drivers, but also look at the base forum_driver_base class under core.
To find the database API look at the database_driver class under core.